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Picture this – you’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. It’s your wedding day, and you’re about to hop on a private helicopter to soar over the fantastic icy blue Alaskan glaciers, maybe even landing on a mountain top with a majestic waterfall in the distance. You might spot bears and moose along the rugged mountain sides as you make your way to your secret ceremony location. Imagine stepping out of that helicopter onto an ancient ice sheet, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. This could be your elopement day!

But seriously, planning a helicopter adventure elopement in Alaska is easier than you might think and tons of fun.

I know what you’re thinking…. a helicopter flight sounds expensive and super luxury…but what if I told you it’s actually pretty affordable AND it’s the easiest and most accessible way to get out onto a glacier? In this post, I’ll cover a few of the basics for planning your Alaska helicopter elopement and why it’s much simpler than you might imagine to plan your dream day on the ice!

First off….you’ll need to decide if a heli glacier elopement is for you.
This untraditional wedding might be just your style if the great outdoors are an essential part of who you are, if photos are the most important thing next to marrying the love of your life, if blue, is in fact your color, or if the idea of a stuffy ballroom or barn wedding makes you cringe. If you are wanting something totally intimate where the focus is completely on you and your partner then an adventure elopement might be something to consider.

Do you want you want a relaxed, fun day without strenuous hiking? I love a good hike BUT a helicopter flight is the perfect way to explore untouched backcountry without breaking a sweat. Do you want something private without the chance of people hiking around and walking passed your ceremony? A helicopter ride can take you to places that roads and trails can’t. You can have a custom spot on an everchanging backdrop of a glacier! The options are endless. Another big factor for a chill day is heli elopements offer the chance to see more in less time. With the logistics of driving and hiking, many couples have to be choosey with what they do on their wedding day, sometimes sacrificing certain activities or experiences but with a helicopter flight, you can see more and free up more time!

Let’s talk numbers:
I completely understand that budgeting is a significant concern when planning an elopement, and adding a helicopter ride might seem like an extra expense. However, it doesn’t have to break the bank. On average, a helicopter tour can cost anywhere from $400 to $700. Which is actually pretty affordable when you consider all the awesome perks! There are so many pros about how incredible it can make your day, it’s a no-brainer if it’s something you’ve been dreaming about incorporating into your elopement! It’s a luxury experience without the luxury price tag!

Have I convinced you yet?

Now, let’s breeze through a few simple steps to plan your heli elopement. First, decide on the glacier you’d like to reach. Based in the Matanuska Valley, I’ve explored Matanuska, Colony, and Knik, and they’re all stunning. Depending on your choice, you can fly out with a few different companies. If you’re eloping with me, I can provide you with all the best information to make the right choice according to the glacier you choose.

Second, coordinate with your elopement photographer and planner to map out your timeline and activities you want to incorporate. You can incorporate anything you want into your elopement on the ice?! You can bring cake, drinks, all your florals- and up to about 50 people. It can be as custom as you’d like. Having a well-organized and fun plan is key to a seamless and relaxed elopement.

And finally, all you have to do is book it! after you’ve got everything planned and the logistics sorted, it’s time to sit back and relax because you are about to go on a bad ass adventure! All you need to do is show up in your wedding attire and be prepared for a trip you’ll never forget with the person you love most!

Piece of cake, babe!

If you can dream it, you can do it and I’m here to help every step of the way. 

Chelsa Jay: Alaska Elopement Photographer

If you’re dreaming of an adventure elopement I’m here to help make it happen! I’m happy to help with timeline planning and logistics as well as giving amazing local vendor recommendations. Helping couples plan their dream day is one of my favorite things.

with love,
Chelsa Paulk

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