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Love, Chelsa

I'm all about couples breaking traditions and doing things their way— because that’s how it really SHOULD be. Wanna get married on a boat in the middle of the ocean surrounded by mountains? Let's go. Or maybe fly out to a glacier exchange vows on an ancient piece of ice? I'm there. Fly to Vegas and have Elvis officiate? YES! Maybe go out in a city you've always dreamed of exploring? Whatever it is that would make your day feel like your own, I’m a full-on, dedicated supporter, and am here to help you every step of the way. Whatever you want to do, it’s worth being captured in a way that will bring back all the feels for years to come. I want you and your kin to be able to look back at these photos for generations and feel the love you feel for each other right now. I want your photos to be meaningful to you. I want them to speak your truth. Because that’s what this is REALLY all about...

More into a traditional ceremony- I dig it. I love weddings and all the people there celebrating you and your love! I've shot weddings with guest counts of 500 and I am well seasoned in photographing all of the things! Plus- who doesn't love a good party?

the real deal

I'm here for it

I was born in Alaska and my days growing up were spent outdoors exploring the banks of the Kenai and Cook Inlet. Adventure is part of my genetics.
I picked up a camera when I was very young and always loved seeing my photographs printed. I love to travel, meet new people and experience different food and culture. I find inspiration in everything and I am always looking out for the best lighting. My life and my work are an ongoing love story.

My all time favorite human, Jackson Cole. 

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