Palm Springs & Joshua Tree Elopement


A Spring Elopement in the California Desert

A little chapel, the desert, midday drinks, tattoos…. This entire trip was too good to be true.

Madi & Coleman were initially thinking of eloping in Hawaii but the stars aligned and we ended up in Palm Springs! Spontaneity is kind of our thing so we loosely created a plan and destiny covered the rest.

DAY ONE: We started off at the Vagabond Motor Inn to get the party started. Madi was getting ready and I captured some detail shots before she put her dress on and we were out the door. We headed over to the little wedding chapel where these two said their “I do’s” and we just that that were off to get our bridal shots. By now the sun was blazing and we were getting thirsty so we made our way to cutest little tiki bar to relax a bit before heading out the desert for golden hour. It was the perfect most relaxing and authentic day just hanging out with these two taking our time and laughing our asses off. After our afternoon sip we sauntered our way on over to Joshua Tree to pop a bottle of Champagne and catch golden hour. That night we sat around a fire at the Saguaro and had the most delicious margaritas and tacos. Madi had me rolling about this Thailand bikini mishap- This story now lives rent free in my head and makes me laugh whenever it comes to mind. We couldn’t have had a more chill/perfect/wonderful/love filled/genuine day.

DAY TWO: I met the newlyweds at a local tattoo shop where they were getting inked up. There’s nothing like a day after tattoo. The tattoo artist kept us laughing with crazy stories from where he grew up in Northern California. My favorite was the story of the cross bow killer. Gotta love that true crime, baby!

Later that night we met for drinks over at a legendary local restaurant, Billy Reeds. Let me just tell you… the vibes were unmatched.

Cheers to Madi & Coleman!

If you want a chill elopement with a few days of photo coverage, I’m your woman. Just tell me where we’re going and I will pack my bags.

with love,
Chelsa Paulk

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