Hawaii Destination Wedding


Chloe & Josh F O R E V E R

Destination wedding on Maui

Early in April, I had the privilege of jetting over to Hawaii to document two beautiful destination weddings! This was the second wedding that was followed up with a double reception on a catamaran cruise out of Lahaina. WE DID ALL THE THINGS! Beaches, churches, jungles, snorkeling- it was an all-around amazing week. There was so much love and celebration, and it makes me feel the need to remind you…. You can do anything you want for your wedding AND you should!

Here’s to Chloe and Josh- I have been so honored to be the one to photograph so many milestones for them. I take a huge amount of pride in getting to be part of the wild and wonderful journey they are on.

Here’s to more sunshine and Maui adventures!

Tell me the proposal story!

Josh decided to propose to me the day after my birthday at our gender reveal for our sweet baby angel, McKinlee…he had been acting super weird leading up to that and I’m not human to let that go unnoticed. I remember him getting a call at like 5 am about a package being delivered that day and needing a signature (come to find out it was a family ring in the mail- but he told me it was for a hoodie he ordered) Later that day he admitted it was a birthday present for me and to not look for it…. I got a little suspicious but mainly just in my head about him being a straight weirdo. We actually got into  like a semi-big fight the night before, it was my birthday and I asked him where my last present was because where was the package that was mailed???? I admitted I had looked all around for it and never found it and he told me he hid at a friends. It became a huge deal and he told me if I really wanted he would go get it that night, but it was obviously something big and important and planned if I didn’t get it on my birthday. The next day comes and I’m hyperfocused on looking good for the gaggle of people that are going to be at our event and second guessing myself if I was as sure as I thought I was that McKinlee was a boy. The present completely left my mind. At the party we mingle, we snack and play games before heading outside for the grand reveal. In that backyard Josh hits a golf ball filled with chalk powder…to my elation it was blueeeeee, baby. Everyone’s cheering, so excited, people are taking pictures and then I turn around and Josh is on one knee. Let me tell you…………..ALLLLL THE FEELS. Guess what the real kicker is- I had a fat cold sore that day so we couldn’t even kiss. Laaaaaaaaaaaame. But it a perfect day. Josh is perfect. McKinlee is perfect. A day full of love for the Engles.

Why did you choose Hawaii for your wedding?

Honestly, all I knew when I got married was that I wanted to elope and be on a beach. Just so happened my brother and his wife wanted the same thing as us. I wanted beautiful scenery, sunshine, the people I hold dearest to me, and sand beneath my toes. Oh and dope pictures. The rest just kind of happened. Truthfully, it ended up being a much larger event and ordeal than I EVER anticipated but it was perfect. The sunset….the classic red roses….fire lining the isle. It was a dream and all my favorites were there.

What was the biggest challenge you faced planning a destination wedding?

I think the biggest challenge was going into the event planning kind of blind…like no one knows about good cake recommendations or the best makeup artists, etc…. We also didn’t pick our beach spot, my brother did so trusting that it was exactly what we wanted was scary, but he delivered!

What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

I would say our first look was my favorite part of the day besides the end once we were all just eating smores and loving on each other. It was so perfect to just be together and see each other before the ceremony. Such a handsome man, I got!!!!  Chelsa was the perfect photographer and always helping us getting the most out of our poses and time.

What was your favorite thing about Maui?

What is there not to love about Maui??? There is so much to do or not and like 100 beaches. So much good food. So much fun shopping….The snorkeling.. All of it. Freaking magical. There is plently to do for every type of human there.

Why did you choose me to be your photographer?

Chelsa has photographed EVERY single important life event I can think of. She’s amazing and passionate and wants the best picture every time and to hype you UPPPP. I can’t imagine her not being apart of our most special days. As soon as Josh proposed it was a no brainer who was doing our photos. She’s worth it. You are worth it. Get the pictures, guys!!!!!

with love,
Chelsa Paulk

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