Bold & Chic Styled Shoot at Salvation Mountain, CA

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I am SO happy to share one of my most unforgettable experiences with you all, a bold & chic-styled shoot at none other than the iconic Salvation Mountain, California. Talk about a location with personality! Salvation Mountain is a mixture of color and creativity, an absolutely unique backdrop that made our styled shoot a complete dream come true. This place just radiates a kind of magic that you can’t help but feel in every single shot!

Bold & Chic Styled Shoot

The theme of the day? Modern, edgy, and so cool – with a touch of chic elegance that made everything pop! Just imagine a blend of vibrant colors combined with classy, sophisticated vibes. It was the perfect mix! Every detail was carefully curated to stand out against the bold backdrop. The style was sleek and modern yet carried an air of timeless elegance. We decided on neutral for the outfits since Salvation Mountain was filled with color and it was the perfect choice!

And the vibes, oh the vibes! We were riding a wave of pure inspiration. The atmosphere was filled with energy and infused with a sense of adventure and discovery. Every shot we captured was more than just a photograph – it was a precious memory. But what truly made this shoot special was the love and passion that was poured into it. From the models to the stylists to the photographers, everyone brought their A-game and their heart. And you can see it, feel it, in every shot. The laughter, the fun, it was all so real, so genuine. And I loved that!

Chelsa Jay | Alaska Wedding Photographer

Our styled shoot at Salvation Mountain was nothing short of a dream, a vibrant dance of colors and emotions. It was an experience that reminded us why we love what we do – capturing moments, telling stories, and creating magic. So, ready for me to capture your couple session at this amazing location?! Head to my contact page so we can chat about the ideas you have. CAN’T wait to hear from you!

Come see more of this beautiful styled shoot below!

Vendor credits can be found on my Instagram page @chelsajay

This was all the work of the masterminds behind Ride or Die Retreats

with love,
Chelsa Paulk

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