Bombay Beach, A California Gem

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Bridal Bikini shoot at Bombay Beach, California

A little bit of history:

In 1905 the Colorado River burst through haphazard irrigation controls and flooded an area that was originally intended to be farmland. This was the birth of the Salton Sea, California’s biggest lake that boasts 70 miles of super salty shoreline. 

When I say salty I mean SALTY- like more salty than the Pacific. The water here is so concentrated with minerals and pollution from agricultural runoff that its not an option for many fish to call home. But sometimes the best things in life are indeed, toxic. 

This salty paradise is an important pit stop for many species of migrating brids. It hosts an impressive diversity of bird species, making it a critical habitat for resident and migritory wildlife. 

Pollution or not, the backdrop for this shoot, Bombay Beach has a charm of its own. Once a bustling beach town, it now carries a charming, small-town, ghostly allure. 

This little slice of heaven quite literally sits on the western edge of civilization and is the birthplace of the Bombay Beach Biennial, an art movement uniting artists and visionaries to breathe new life into the community.

Visiting here was like what dreams are made of for this girl. 

This retro California swimsuit shoot was created by the incredible vendors that were a part of ride or die retreats. 

with love,
Chelsa Paulk

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