Rainy Alaska Couples Shoot


Alaska is known for its unpredictable weather and if you were in Alaska this last summer you know just how rainy it was. After being a photographer based here in Palmer for the last seven years, my best advice is to be prepared for anything and be ready to embrace the elements. Let them be part of your story. Unpredictable weather is just part of Alaska’s charm. 

This July shoot is a true testament to taking the lemons life throws at you and turning them into limoncello. You can always choose to dance in the rain and rain soaked kisses are always a vibe. 

When we are planning your shoot, I can usually be flexible if you are completely against getting a little wet, but let me tell ya, I’m ALWAYS up for shooting in the rain. As long as it’s not so crazy that its going to damage my equipment or ruin our time together, I’m all for all the weather. 

J & J are the sweetest and I loved running the back road of Palmer with them, laughing and having the most wonderful time. Cheers to more rainy couples. Thank you for choosing to go with the flow!

with love,
Chelsa Paulk

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